There is also a lot of moving around in the bathroom such as getting on and off the toilet, leaning forward at the sink, getting into and out of the bathtub or shower. A number of the falls have occurred in the bathroom because of slip due to water and balance problems.

Bathtubs and shower are most risky for elderly persons.

Here we will help you to decide which bathroom products for the elderly are the best for the safety for your aging parent.

Bathroom Grab Bars

Bathroom grab bars are one of the easiest ways to improve bathroom, bathtub or shower safety for the elderly person.

Bathroom grab bar provides a stable surface to hold onto when moving around in the bathroom.

Bathtub/ Shower grab bars are products that can be permanently installed into the area surrounding the bathtub/Shower, these can also be temporarily clamped on to the tub edge or suctioned on it.

Shower grab bars can either be installed permanently or suctioned on. They work as shower handles to hold onto when moving into and out of the shower.

Grab bars can also be installed beside the toilet to increase safety on and off the toilet.

Bathroom grab bars are versatile and relatively inexpensive products for the elderly to improve bathroom safety.

Bathtub Chairs

Bathtub chairs are must for elderly persons for safety. Bathtub chair is placed in a bath or shower to give an elderly person a place to sit down when showering.

There are two types of bathtub chairs:

  1. Bathtub/shower stool (with no back)
  2. Bathtub/shower chair with a back

They are particularly helpful for elderly who tire easily or any one other having issues with balance.

Folding bathtub / shower chairs are also available where space is the issue

A folding shower chair can also be of two types. Either with a back (chair) without a back (stool)

Bathtub Bench

A bathtub bench is one of my favourite bathroom products for the elderly to improve safety and to get into and out of the bathtub.

The bathtub bench is set up with two feet in the bathtub and two feet outside of the bathtub (the feet inside the tub should be adjusted be shorter than the feet outside the tub so the bench is still level).

It provides a flat surface for the elderly to sit on outside of the tub on the bench and can then swing their legs into the tub while sitting down which is much safer than trying to lift their legs up and over the side of the tub and then can slide into the tub

Sliding bathtub benches are also available. That are more easy to use. Elderly person just need to sit on the bench seat outside the tub and then only seat need to slide into the tub, legs need to swing into the tub. Using it reduces the risk of falls dramatically

Elevated Toilet Seats

As the regular toilet seats are too low, it is very hard to sit on and getup from them for elderly personsElevated toilet seats are a way to make toilets higher so it easier to get on and off of.

Elevated toilet seats simply bring up the overall height of a toilet.

They come in many different shapes and sizes so it's important to choose the right one to fit your toilet.

These products can make all the difference in ease and safety to the elderly when getting up and down from the toilet.

Toilet Seat Rails

Even if the toilets are high enough to sit on and get off, sometime elderly cannot get off from the seat safely due to balance problem. Toilet seal rails are solution for that. Toilet safety rails attached to the back of your existing toilet to provide a surface to push down on when sitting onto or getting up from the toilet safely.

Commode Seats

Commode seats can be a replacement for your toilet or can put over-top your existing toilet.

They come with a bucket and a sleeve. The bucket is used when the commode seat is not over the toilet and sleeve is used (to stop splashing or wetness escaping) when commode seats are over the toilet.

Commode seats height can be adjustable and usually have arms attached. It can be with or without wheels.

The nice thing about commode seats is that they can be used anywhere needed.An elderly person can use it if he is longer safe walking to the bathroom at night.

Commode seats can be a simple solution to multiple issues.