Elderly parents want to live at home. But what if anyone have a medical emergency? What if they are home alone? What if they can't get to a telephone to dial for help? It is scary to even think of such situation, but it happens, more than 33 percent of accidents and falls of people over 65 years of age happens at home…!

There are many devices available that will instantly call for help in the event of an emergency. These are called Personal Emergency Response System, Medical Alert, or Medical Emergency Response Systems. All systems work in essentially the same way.

Two Parts to an Elderly Medical Alert System:

1) Pendent or Bracelet - Worn by the user and can signal for help by pushing a button. Some models also have a ‘fall’ detection feature which automatically calls for help when it detects a fall.

2) Base Station - Connected to the phone line and automatically calls an emergency call number when the pendent/bracelet button is pushed or the fall detection sensor has been triggered.

In case  emergency help (medical, fire, or police) is needed, the elderly person presses the device’s button, he wears around his neck, wrist, belt buckle or wheelchair, without needing to reach the main device, connected to the home telephone line or presses the button on the main device.

A medical alert system provides peace of mind to the caregivers and the elderly parents