Once it has become difficult or impossible for someone to get up and down the stairs, they face a choice of options: living downstairs, moving to a bungalow or ground floor flat or installing a domestic stair lift chair for moving up and down. Then only viable / economical option is to get stair lift installed.

An elderly lift chair is a mechanical accessory available in a variety of designs. It is very easy to get into and out of the lift chair and it offers access for travel upstairs or downstairs without risk of injury. Seniors with disabilities, weakness caused by arthritis or other bone and joint conditions or knee problems may benefit from this lift product.

Points to keep in mind before ordering

Transfer ability - The senior needs to be safely able to get on and off a chair to use a stair lift. If they will have difficulty, then they should consider another type of lift such as a wheelchair stair lift.

Curved or straight stairway – Lift chairs for straight stairs are economical but If curved then may need ‘custom built’ or other options may be considered, curved stairways are little bit more expensive

The weight and height of the rider- Some manufacturers offer stair lifts that will support riders who are over 300 pounds.  For those riders who are tall and or weigh over 300 pounds, a larger seat depth would also be beneficial.

Condition of the stair treads- Stairs treads need to be in good enough condition to be able to attach the rail for the lift.

Safety sensors - Modern stair lifts have safety sensors. If an object is in the way of the chair lift when moving up and down it will stop until the obstruction is removed.

Easy to use controls - Make sure the controls are easy to use. There is push button, paddle and infrared controls. Rider should be able to control lift chair easily and safely.

Braking system - Braking systems are a very important consideration as a part of safety. There are dual electronic and mechanical ones. This means that the chair lift is unable to descend unexpectedly or at speed. A lockable isolation switch ensures that the chair lift always stops in the correct position.

Battery power – Stair lift need to work even in the event of an electrical outrage, the rider needs not to be stranded, so the stair lift must be with suitable battery and charging system.

Soft start / Stop - Feature that ensures a smooth start / stop instead of quick jarring start is also to be considered before placing order.

 Warranty and Maintenance and Insurance-The stair lift should be serviced every 6 months or as recommended by the manufacturer. Does the stair lift come with a maintenance plan? Does it come with an insurance policy? For peace of mind we should think to opt for extended warranty, insurance and maintenance plan.