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CairInc Massage Chairs
Professional Massage Chair AB-320L By Care Inc. Mouseover Zoom

Professional Massage Chair AB-320L By Care Inc.

Double SL shape space track, walking track fit the body curve, covering the body from neck To foot.  Intelligent body detection. Bluetooth and much more...










1. Intelligent body detection.
Automatically detects the user' body for more comfortable massage experience.
2. Double SL shape space track.
Longer stroke for the more comprehensive message.
3. 4 rollers shaft manipulator.
Six smart movements.
seven massage modes.
three width adjustments.
Six massage intensity adjustments.
4. Whole body airbag massage.
Four shoulders massage airbags.
Sixteen arm massage airbags.
Eight buttock massage airbags.
Twelve leg massage airbags.
Twelve-foot massage airbags.
5. Foot rollers massage.
Foot arch scrapping massage.
foot heel shiatsu massage.
6. Zero gravity
7. Wireless Bluetooth
you can enjoy auditory while using massage chair.


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