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Medical Alarm System For Elderly

An elderly medical alarm is really very important to save your elderly parent's life. It is not uncommon for seniors to fall and not be able to get up or to a phone. It is scary to thought such situation when your elderly parents fell down, could not get up themselves on the floor or in the bathtub and remain screaming until someone hear and help.

We wish your parents are never in the situation where they need to use an elderly medical alert; but if they ever need it, it can prevent discomfort and possibly save their life.

The elderly Medical alarm system has two parts.

1) Pendant or Bracelet - Worn by the user and can signal for help by pushing a button. Some models also have a fall detection feature which automatically calls for help when it detects a fall.

2) Base Station - Connected to the phone line and automatically calls an emergency call number when the pendant/bracelet button is pushed or the fall detection sensor has been triggered.

If the senior falls or cannot get to the phone for help, all they have to do is push the button on their bracelet or pendant.The emergency response person tries to communicate with the senior via the base station - much like a speakerphone. If they cannot hear them, the emergency response person contacts someone designated as the first contact as well as the local emergency response service.

These systems have prevented hours of suffering and have even saved lives. Hopefully you never have to use it but you're happy you have it when you need it.


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