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A directive for the people who look for a Professional Massage Chair.

June 13, 2022
A directive for the people who look for a Professional Massage Chair.

Double SL shape space track, walking track fit the body curve, covering the body from neck To foot.  Intelligent body detection. Bluetooth and much more...

Envision hurrying back home following a tiring day at work and afterward sliding into your massage chair. As you turn it on, it tenderly massages your shoulders while its automated arms rub your back to spoil your body the most effective way conceivable. And afterward out of the blue it separates or starts causing more torment than joy. Indeed, even the actual idea of it is astonishing, right? That is the reason picking the right massager chair is vital for you.

In this way, we should start with the unquestionable requirements in a massage chair. The highlights that make a massager chair, the total massager chair -

A massage chair without airbags isn't a massager chair. Giving a pressure massage, instead of the working, rolling, or tapping movements given by rollers, Airbags invigorate the rubbing strategies by quickly extending and compacting themselves. Consequently, the more airbags a massage chair has, the seriously loosening up your encounters would be.

If a massager chair has S&L Track Systems, then, at that point, it's a must-purchase for you. While S-track is the roller track that does further massage on the neck and lower back where more bend has than quite recently straight unpredictable track, L track is the drawn out rendition of the S track yet with a straight track from head to the lower back. In this way, for a total body massage, search for S&L Track Systems in your massage chair.

Types of rollers assume a fundamental part in picking the right massage chair for you. While 2D rollers, the most seasoned innovation, move in 2 aspects i.e., all over along the length of the back, and side to side across the width of the back, the 3D Rollers can likewise jut in/out. This extra aspect makes 3D rollers fit for performing profound tissue massage. Be that as it may, presently we likewise have 4D Rollers, the most mechanically progressed roller framework you can find on a massage chair. 4D rollers are precisely the same as 3D, yet with one significant contrast: roller speed control is programmed in a 4D framework.

You should search for the innovations your massage chair has prior to swiping your card. A couple of significant procedures are Shiatsu, known as the 'finger pressure' massage procedure, applies strain to similar focuses as utilized in needle therapy.

Rolling is accomplished by fitting rollers at the rear of the massage chair to apply even strain determined to warm and relaxing the muscles.

Tapping strokes substitute and accommodate the arrival of strain and irritation in the muscles while animating blood flow.

Massaging eases body irritation and strain by extending and lifting muscles, while it further develops blood dissemination and gets out poisons.

While these unquestionable requirements complete a massage chair, it is in every case better to finish off it with a couple of comforts like MP3 support, memory openings that permit you to program and save your number one massage settings, LED lights, a glass holder, and substantially more.
So go on, find the one massage chair from the munititions stockpile of Robocura that suits you the best and give your body the solace it merits.


  • Intelligent body detection.
  • Automatically detects the user' body for more comfortable massage experience.
  • Double SL shape space track.
  • Longer stroke for the more comprehensive message.
  • 4 rollers shaft manipulator.
  • Six smart movements.
  • seven massage modes.
  • three width adjustments.
  • Six massage intensity adjustments.
  • Whole body airbag massage.
  • Four shoulders massage airbags.
  • Sixteen arm massage airbags.
  • Eight buttock massage airbags.
  • Twelve leg massage airbags.
  • Twelve-foot massage airbags.
  • Foot rollers massage.
  • Foot arch scrapping massage.
  • foot heel shiatsu massage.
  • Zero gravity
  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • you can enjoy auditory while using massage chair.