How to Purchase a Stairlift: Six Considerations

January 30, 2023
How to Purchase a Stairlift: Six Considerations

It may seem like a good idea after reading a stairlift review to buy one for yourself or an older family member, but buying a stairlift is not like buying any other kind of device.

When trying to make this choice, there are a lot of stairlift-related factors to take into account, and it is easy for things to get complicated.

Here are six things to think about before purchasing a stairlift to make your life a little simpler.

1. Does a stairlift represent the best option for you?

You must first confirm that purchasing a stairlift is the best course of action. The greatest candidates for stairlifts are people with limited mobility or those who find it difficult to ascend and descend stairs safely. If you or a loved one fits this description, a stairlift can make getting around the house much simpler.

A stairlift installed in the home can frequently assist people regain their independence and guarantee that they age pleasantly in place. If you want to know if a stairlift would be beneficial for you and your future at home, speaking with your doctor, occupational therapist, or physical therapist is an excellent place to start.

2.What Sort of Stairlift Do You Require?

How do you choose the best stairlift for your needs when there are so many manufacturers and models available? When looking into stairlifts, you should think about:

Are Indoor or Outdoor Stairlifts Necessary?

An outdoor stairlift is required if you need assistance climbing a flight of stairs outside. Similar in function, but built to resist weather conditions like rain, snow, and sun.

Are Straight or Curved Stairlifts Necessary?

You can require a straight or curved stairlift depending on your staircase:

Straight stairlifts are as straightforward as they come. They are ideal for ascending one floor and can be used on nearly any length staircase.

Curved Stairlifts- The ideal option is to have a bespoke curved stairlift built if your property has a curved staircase, the staircase changes directions, your staircase includes a landing in the centre, or your staircase connects numerous floors.
These inquiries can help you sort through the available alternatives and get a better idea of which model will work best in your house.

3. Just how much would a stairlift cost?

A bespoke curved stairlift of the same kind can cost upwards of $10,000, while a straight stairlift can cost up to $5,000. Even if this is a lot, it is important to note that it is comparable to the cost of just one month of assisted living. A properly installed staircase is a wise investment that will continue to be less expensive than traditional nursing homes.

Working with a group of experts will help you receive competitive pricing from the manufacturer, ensure affordable installation without compromising quality, get more information if financial assistance is required, and, on top of all that, get a professional warranty that will help you protect your investment.

4. What Payment Method Will You Use for the Stairlift?

How you intend to pay for these expenses is another factor to take into account when acquiring a stairlift. Although you may believe that using your health insurance is the best option, you might be startled to learn that it could not be helpful.

How Much Does a Stairlift Cost That Insurance Covers?

Unfortunately, even when recommended by a doctor, not all common insurance policies, including Medicare, support purchasing or installing a stairlift. Although hearing this may be depressing, there may still be funding and support options, such as:

  • Benefits for veterans
  • State-based initiatives
  • Nonprofits
  • Grants

5. What warranties are offered with stairlifts?

You've undoubtedly already wondered what would happen if something went wrong after installation given the high price tag. What happens if it decides to malfunction or gets trapped in the middle?

Almost all stairlifts have lifetime warranties or coverage plans for important components including motors, gearboxes, and rail issues. The business that instals your stairlift will also probably give you a servicing warranty.

6. How Will My Stairlift Be Installed?

When you've determined that a stairlift is the ideal option for your home and are prepared to make a purchase, you should wait until you are certain of your installation strategy.
No, during installation there won't need to be any changes made to your staircase. In order to provide the greatest fit possible, the stairlift will be altered to match your staircase.

Does It Matter Whether I Own My Home or Rent It?

If you want a stairlift installed, it doesn't really matter if you rent or own your property. When the stairlift is taken down, it simply leaves a little imprint that can be quickly repaired after the transfer.

The only drawback to installing a stairlift in a rental is the added cost associated with having to reinstall and refit the stairlift in your new house.

Can I set up my stairlift myself?

Even if a straight stairlift appears to be less expensive and more manageable than a curved one, it is still advisable to have a stairlift specialist professionally instal both kinds due to the risks involved in installing any electrical equipment in a home.