The Benefits Of Lift Chairs And How They Can Be Valuable

March 16, 2023
The Benefits Of Lift Chairs And How They Can Be Valuable

How do Electric Lift Chairs function?

Other terms for lift chairs include power chairs and power lift chairs. As we already stated, a lift chair looks like a normal recliner but is actually medical equipment designed to help people with mobility issues.

In contrast to a recliner, a lift chair has a powerful lifting mechanism that, when engaged, tilts the base and back of the chair forward to assist the user in standing up again. The powered lift chair can be used in an upright or reclined position by simply pressing a button on a remote instead of manually operating a lever or switch.

A person's mobility will gradually start to decline as they age, making basic tasks like getting out of a chair challenging. Purchasing an elevate chair is an easy way to resolve this. A lift chair can offer numerous advantages to both those who are losing their movement and those who are caring for them.

Discover a few reasons why an elevate chair is a smart choice by reading on!

1. It's Possible To Maintain Your Independence With Power Lift Seats.

Many old people prefer to age in place rather than being moved into a nursing home or assisted living facility. The elderly or people with limited mobility can easily rise up and settle down in lift chairs without the help of another person. This, in turn, enables them to continue to have the independence they want and provides their caregivers peace of mind knowing they are safe in their chairs. 

As you get older, getting out of a sitting position on your own can become more difficult or almost impossible. It becomes harder to keep your independence as a result. A motorized lift chair is designed to help you get out of a sitting or even a reclined position on your own.

2. Lowers The Possibility of Injury

A lift chair can be adjusted to be at a comfortable height, unlike other furniture that might be too low to the ground for someone with restricted mobility. With the help of this feature, elderly people or people with limited mobility can sit down or rise up without running the risk of pulling a muscle or falling.
Lift chairs reduce the risk of injuries not only to those who use them but also to the caretakers who are providing care for them because they require less bending over to assist the user in and out of the chair.

3. Provide Comfort

Comfortable Lift chair recliners have a variety of features, including footrests, backrests, and some even have stowage compartments built right in. In case the user needs to modify the lift chair to make it more comfortable to read or watch TV in, a backrest and footrest offer supportive resting positions, and the built-in storage keeps all the necessary items, such as TV remotes or magazines, within easy reach.

4. Enables Simple Transfer

Transfers can be challenging for a caretaker because lifting and lowering someone repeatedly can be physically taxing. The caregiver won't be put under as much stress and nobody will get harmed thanks to the lift chair. A lift chair not only makes the move less stressful for the caregiver, but also for the loved one who might be anxious about a potential injury.

According to numerous studies, maintaining your freedom reduces your chance of contracting chronic illnesses as well as anxiety and depressive disorders.

5. Bed Sores, also known as Pressure Sores, Can Be Lessened By Power Lift Seats.

Bedsores are lesions to the skin and underlying tissue caused by prolonged pressure, also known as pressure ulcers and decubitus ulcers. The epidermis over the body's bony structures, such as the tailbone, hips, and the heels and ankles, is where bedsores most frequently develop.

The most vulnerable individuals to having bedsores are those who are unable to change positions due to a medical condition or who spend the majority of their time in a bed or a chair.

6. For Family Members and Caretakers, Power Lift Chairs May Be Safer.

Lift chairs can provide comfort and safety for family members, other caregivers, and others who run the risk of getting injured while assisting those who require assistance rising from or returning to a sitting position.

When trying to help an elderly parent sit down or stand up from a seated posture, a motorized lift chair is far more useful than a regular recliner chair.

Because there are fewer muscle contractions when you're in a lift chair, you're more likely to maintain your equilibrium while standing.

7. Power Lift Seats Are Straightforward To Use.

The finest power lift chairs come with an easy-to-use remote. This makes the chair significantly more useful and easier to use than buttons or switches on the side.

8. Using a Motorized Lift Chair, Reduce Edema

As you age, some portions of your body have to work harder to maintain your health. Edema is a condition characterized by an excessive buildup of watery fluid in the body's cavities or tissues, and it can be caused by any organ in the body, from the kidneys to the heart.
Mild bouts of edema may be brought on by prolonged sitting or staying in one position. This frequently results in the thighs growing larger, making movement difficult. In a lift chair, you can adjust the location of your legs so they are at heart level and help lift yourself into a standing position so you can walk or move around.

9. The Benefits Of Power Lift Seats For Treating Joints And Back Pain

As you mature, your muscles and joints become stiffer, which could cause discomfort. Lumbar support, heat, and integrated massage devices are just a few of the special features that lift chairs have that can help people with painful joints, back soreness, arthritis, and a variety of other conditions.

You can change positions throughout the day in a lift chair, or you can use the lift position to get up from the couch and move around, which will improve blood circulation.

10. Created For the Highest Level of Comfort

Lift recliners can be easily adjusted into a variety of configurations for the greatest level of comfort for your body and requirements. They can rest anywhere between completely upright and fully reclined. For added convenience, a lot of our power lift chairs can be adjusted for the back and footrests.