Tips for seniors to stay active in the winter

December 07, 2021
Tips for seniors to stay active in the winter

During the winter season elderly individuals and people who live with limited mobility normally get limited chance to walk around. It is easy to lose the motivation that is so often needed to keep us moving. With snow and ice-covered roads, it is challenging to drive a vehicle, battery operated scooter, manual wheelchair or even walker around the block. However, maintaining even a bit of physical activity is a crucial tool for living life to the fullest and healthiest extent.

Some ideas to remain active during the cold months.

Exercise peddler:

Portable mini cycles are foldable and can be stored under your bed or sofa. They are an excellent way for you to exercise your legs or arms in the comfort of your own home. Just place the peddler at the space from where you can watch your favourite show or read a book, and pedal away! Your leg and abdominal muscles, as well as your cardio and blood circulation. You will feel better.

Resistance bands:

Resistance bands are an economical and safe way of adding some weight to upper body exercises at home. Whereas heavy hand weights can pose an injury risk for seniors, resistance bands are soft and flexible. The level of effort one must input is determined by each individual. Resistance bands are good for light exercise.

Use the stairs: 

Steps can be great exercise tools that adapt to different mobility and fitness levels. If you can climb steps, even if slowly, you can try going up and down one or more flights of stairs every day If will keep you warm.

Walk in Mall:

During winter if you have easy excess to public transport, you can visit Malls, where you can walk and meet your friends. You can even shop there.

Work at home:

Even if you don’t have peddler, you don’t have resistance bands, you have not access to public transport either, and even then you can stay active at home. You can clean home, you can reorganise your kitchen, your dressing clothes, and there are lot of minor jobs that can keep you mobile and healthy inside your home.