JOBST® Elvarex®

Custom-made garments for mild to severe lymphedema management

JOBST® Elvarex® helps maintain the reduced volume and shape of the limb. These garments help to inhibit further fluid accumulation and help to assure therapeutic results achieved by compression. Elvarex® compression garments are indicated when decongestion is achieved so the garment helps prevent an increase in the extremity dimensions.






Custom manufacturing to ensure a contoured fit to the shape of the limb

Controlled gradient compression for the effective long-term management of lymphedema

Flat knitted construction that allows greater air permeability for superior comfort and easier garment care

Excellent durability for extended wear

Upper extremity garments in class 1, 2 and 2F

Lower extremity garments in class 1, 2, 3, 3F, 4 and 4S

Diagonal cut on top of sleeve

Slip form cut on lower extremity garments

Available in a variety of styles and options

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