JOBST SensiFoot™ Diabetic Sock

Diabetes can cause nerve damage that leads to loss of feeling in your feet.  Minor foot injuries such as cuts, blisters or sores can cause infections and ulcers.  Serious cases may even lead to amputation and this is why it is crucial for diabetic feet to be well taken care of and protected.

JOBST® SensiFootTM is designed to satisfy the demand of professionals and patients for an effective diabetic sock.  It makes proper foot care an easy, comfortable part of any daily diabetes routine






Non-irritating, smooth toe seam to reduce pressure and irritation on the toes

Extra padding in the foot, heel and toe that reduces friction while providing extra comfort and protection

Acrylic multi-fiber yarns to wick away moisture and keep feet comfortable and dry

Antibacterial and antifungal finish to inhibit growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi on the sock

Non-constricting, mild compression in knee and crew styles to help keep the sock in place and prevent sliding or bunching

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