Kneading and Rolling Foot Massager

Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling Foot Massager Personal Health Studio w/ remote control







Multifunctional massager features with shiatsu massage, kneading massage, rolling, air pressure and heating function. 360 all cover massage, 3D press massage, hot compress constant, UV Sterilization and Ozone Function
Ergonomically designed to tackle the distribution of the feet acupuncture points for a professional-feeling massage at home. The machine shuts off automatically after 15 minutes. You can also set up time up to 30 minutes and LCD screen displays real time left.
Choose from two different modes and two strengths for a high frequency massage and infrared physical therapy that can improve metabolism and blood circulation. 8 independent buttons for mode choice, time setting, heating, Air bag press, Intensity setting, UV, Oznoe, and On/off switch.
Air-pressure massage on instep with a rolling massage with heating on the feet soles allow for a 360 degree 3D massage. UV and Ozone function sterilize the machine and Ozone can refresh air as well.
Very safe to use; there is overheating breaker. The detachable fabric foot covers for easy cleaning. Safety: CE UL listed. Power 50 Watts. Universal 110-240V AC. Big enough to fit a big foot. Product dimension:16(L) x 16(W) x 9 (H) inch